Open job positions

Orlovsky Consulting GbR strongly belives in following oath!
Here is a place for you company job opening offer's!

Before you send me your resume consider following:

1. You should have a german citizenship or a permanent visa which to permit to work in Germany.
2. If you apply for a programmer job position, then I expect that you already have some examples of your work on github.
3. I do tech interview only in pairprogramming style, where we both sitting in front of screen and each of us write and think in code!
4. On this page i will post not only my job openings , but interesting job positions of my partners or companies whom i can help trough forwarding interested and possibly good candidates.
5. I will offer here some freelance jobs, which other freelancers can take and speak directly to a client or trough me.
6. If you directly apply for my job postings, i can offer a part time jobs with minimum wages only (all my job postings will be on fixed duration of work).

Currently we Orlovsky Consulting GbR do not have open job openings!

Please don't send to us your resumes, send you resumes only if  open jobs positions would be listed here!

If you a company and interest to partner work with Orlovsky Consulting GbR regarding finding job candidates for your company , then  don't hesitate and
contact Orlovsky Consulting GbR!

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