Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

It is time to switch from Glassfish Server to Payara!!!

Hi folks just some random weekend experiments with Arquillian + Payara, it is well know framework which give you a possibility to remote test EJBs !
Screenshot from Unittest result! (Eclipse IDE)

The code which i worked with, wasn't my i got from Github ,
Previously i used embedded container , which wasn't  good and not always worked as i expected (especially if we speaking about transactions in EJB) . Testing EJB in embedded container was always a lot of problem and headache.
Anyway i pretty happy about my experiment, and sure it's well overdue to switch from glassfish 4.1 to Payara or Glassfish 5, but really if i think about quality i rather pick Payara, because of the support 24/7 and quality of manuals and  with  compatibility with other frameworks.
For folks who trying to run Arquillian test against Glassfish version 4.1.2 just forget it , it wont work, i spent almost one day to figure it out, it make a lot fun, but for my customers probably not so much fun, because they must decide to swtich for another application server or the project fails, i certain there initial cost would be much more if they don't switch on time and yeah is heavy task , because some client run a lot of services on those old servers, well this is "normal" work.......
IT's time to switch to PAYARA!!!!!!!!


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