Freitag, 5. Juli 2019

On the way to Oracle ADF certification

Hi  folks!
So now i am considering to become ADF certified, personally i dont think that ADF such great Framework, database dependency is way to heavy like for my taste and testing probably very tedious.
On bright side i will get to know Weblogic JEE server and the development environment JDeveloper. Why i am doing this?
I have new clients who really challenge me with their current problems, they have a lot of legacy systems running Weblogic and oracle stuff, so not knowing ADF make my work hard  and before i start new project i am always prepared i know the road blocks and i know typical development mistake and in result i always has a goal of happy clients.
Here you go ADF is on my time schedule , basically i need to spent 2 weeks full time learning ADF stuff and then trying to pass Oracle cert , i hope i will do that successfully.


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