Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2020

Recommended video online training for testing Angular framework

Hi folks,
many times i catch myself on the need to refresh my knowledge about testing methodology for Angular apps.

Can you recommend good workshop about Angular testing ?

Click here for the great workshop how to test Angular app!

Not convinced?
Watch this free example!

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2020

Junior , Intermediate, Veteran developers?

 Developers are very different in knowledge and hard - soft skills.

Jakob Jenkov done great youtube about this topic , i have nothing to add its great and i consider that as my opinion for this topic too.

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2020

Hackathon in pandemic 2020 !!!! My experience! Hackathon Company GmbH presentation good, execution bad!

 Hi folks today i will write a short story of my experience during 

Hackdays Baden-Württemberg 

The Hackathon Company GmbH which is event organizer of this hackathon did good advertisement and i thought well i always like to participate at Hackathons and learn new stuff, lets try it!
The registration was without a problem, pretty simple!

What was this time different?

Well this time is full online experience, but 

1. Nobody of the participants was allowed to change and switch to another challenger.
2. Nobody was allowed to decide slowly with which team you think to participate at hackathon.
3. I was forced to cancel my participation at this event by Rayna Topalska Project Management  staff employee of The Hackathon Company GmbH.

She repeatedly through the Slack communication chat stated that i violated the rules , but i was pretty busy speaking to my clients via telephone (very important calls) and couldn't answer fast enough !

Hey the Hackathon Company GmbH ,

this is not democratic and not even welcoming experience, i don't liked to be pushed around and set in very unpleasant situation and you should take it as lesson learned! 

I even said it to  Kira Biernat Content Marketing Intern from the beginning of this event, so that i need to asset the "Challange" first before i decide and consider to participate in the challenge.

So what i learned about this Hackathon?

Ask the hachkathon organizers before actual hackathon starts,
maybe they are not experienced or even unprofessional and don't facilitate good experience for your as hackathon participant.


Hackathon Company GmbH succeed at the presentation , but didn't succeed in execution of this event!

I can recommend Hackathon Company GmbH following:

  • 1. Be open!
  • 2. Be friendly!
  • 3. Don't force people to take quick decision!
  • 4. Respect that people different and every way you can only think!
  • 5. Understand is someone not motivated , he or she has good reasons for that!
  • 6. Hackathon should not be handled as project at job, it should be fun and relax experience!

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2020

My plans for future regarding online video training courses

My current plans for future regarding online courses

I hope you know , that i providing video online training courses if not then look up official company training and workshop service offering.

In my opinion, there is no silver bullet to meet all the challenges in real projects.

You as developer should be in consistent loop and always learn new technologies, but I will do my best to help you to reach your goal.
There a tons of different kind of tutorials already on the internet, but I think there some tech knowledge which not widely available,

I would correct this and produce the online workshops on purpose to teach you best industry practices so that you can apply it on your day to day job.

I already have plans for the future where I create and release some online courses.

Probably i will use following platforms: Udemy, Pluralsight , Youtube or even Vimeo, BitDegree

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2020

Es ist einfach unglaublich was SAP und Telekom für die Entwicklung von CORONA WARNAPP von Gelder bekommen hat

Einfach unglaublich wohin unsere Steuergelder fliessen!!!!!

Ich schreibe es , weil Ich bin äußert entsetzt , was die Großunternehmen machen , nämlich für die Entwicklung von Corona WarnUp wurden unglaublich viel Steuergeld verschwendet und mein Unternehmen hätte nur mit den Bruchteil von dieser Gelder eine bessere Lösung entwickeln können!

Hier ist ein Artikel bei GMX über die Steuergeldverschwendung für Corona WarnApp!

Montag, 12. Oktober 2020

Learning Unity3D pathfinding API AI is fun

 Learning Unity3D pathfinding API AI is fun!!!

Here is example of my current learning progress!


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