Montag, 13. Juli 2020

I developing my own pc game title ! Theme of the game colonize and conquer the Earth!

Hi folks!

Finally i arrived at the point, where I can begin implementation of my game its very interesting state to be.

I took me awhile to get basic story and game mechanics of the game and well look at this first prototype:

This is by any means a part time project , I don’t plan to spent to much time on it , but i already booked time for it , so clients you know what i do when i don’t work for your project ;)

Why i chosen Unity3D?

Well Unity3D use C# programming language for all of the scripting work, and C# has big similarities like Java, and with my Java programming background i know how to implement the project, this would be really , really interesting.
So stay tuned, because in next month's i will release some new progress of my project!


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