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The road into the Cloud! Getting myself into cloud business!

This is my ongoing blog about my cloud experience in any regards do not consider it as definitive one.

Cloud stuff moving fast some changes can and will happen!

So previously I wrote that I looking for a cloud provider for my freelancer web site.
During last week i reviewed how to deploy Docker Container in Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Google cloud providers. 
It was pretty overwhelming , but still now i know how to do that job and it was very interesting and fun time which i  spent well.

Here is brief description what i soon deploy into cloud:

Oracle ADF web fusion webapp deployed into Payara  server, no database involved! ;)
The ports of app server are configured and tested locally, THIS IS IMPORTANT, because if you don't test your app locally , then after the deployment in cloud  your service would not be reachable and then it would be a problem, because  then you need to repeat the whole deployment part again!

If you deploying like me Java based apps , then use this slides to analyze the performance of your app, before you go into production!

And additional information about Payara performance in production.

I would deploy my webapp into a Docker alpinelinux (opensource)
image which is very small and which runs Java 8 from vendor adoptopenjdk  (I picked this version of java because of compatibility with previous Java EE standards), the 
Payara server and JDK are deployed to docker container image.

IF you don’t know how to containerize your app read this docker tutorial  and  test your stuff locally first!
Basically, i deploy my Docker image into the cloud private repository and from that i deploy the Docker container to the actual cloud service , cloud service boot my docker image and make it public accessible ,so that people can visit my site and order services from my site (pretty neat ?)

For pushing into the cloud I will use on my local machine a Red Hat Enterprise Linux
 which is in my opinion very good enterprise ready Linux solution!

Now to the hot stuff, what my cloud container tech requirements?

Well i run Oracle ADF  on Payara server with lots of Weblogic jars, so definitely i  would think more memory is always ok , which is in my case 4GB and CPU with at least of 4 cores and some disk space max to 5 - 10GB, its more then enough.

Its a big step for me to take my webapp into cloud and i must answer to myself following questions:
     1.  How much does it costs to run the small webapp in the cloud?
2.  How fast my app can be deployed into the cloud?
3.  How easy the configuration for the deployment into the cloud?
4.  How can i scale resources in the cloud for my application?
5.  Which additional services provide the cloud provider for extending my app?
6.  How easy it would be to move the webapp to another cloud provider if i find better prices?
7.  What kind of  tools i need to know to be able to deploy into the cloud?
8.  Is there any additional maintenance for my app?
9.  What kind of tools does cloud provider gives to me for analysis of performance of my app?
10.  How secure the cloud environment where i run my app?

Look up my current evaluation matrix (I will update it on regular basis , if  cloud provider or something´changes and my opinion about cloud provider changes then i will update the table accordingly)

Always calculate your costs before you go into the cloud!

Here some sites where you can calculate approx. your cost:

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