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Power-To-X Nuremberg Mittelfranken hydrogen research center event

Hi all!
I would like to write here on my blog about recent event, which I have attend here in Nuremberg, where Energie Campus Nürnberg research and develops hydrogen based energy tech.
First Nuremberg compare to the all-big cities in Germany pretty small, most innovation happens in my opinion in Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt , Dresden, Berlin and other big industry areas.

There were different event speakers, but I concentrate on those which I liked most for example the talk of Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid  chief of chemical research, founder director HI-ERN
In his talk he described in general terms different kind of hydrogen and the technology how they can produce liquid hydrogen, which is safe to transport and use it for some kind of fuel refilling operations.

This only smart part of his slides, if you interested get in touch with Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid for more information.
Then there was a talk from Marc Grünewald vice president of MAN Energy Solutions
statistics about how much energy Germany produce and what is lucking in future and differency between hydrogen and "green" methan and then there is summary of talk.

I must state: that this man has great courage and he really and his company believes that hydrogen is next best solution for our environmental problems.
Still in my opinion there is big question: how very big hydrogen factory’s can be built efficiently and cheaply, does the price pay the bill?
Even taking that in concern, he stated that as soon as they start building such facilities there no going back and even to probable recession in Europe, MAN Energy Solutions is 100% positive and will be more then capable to achieve and deliver their big hydrogen facilities.
He stated that Germany can’t do all the hydrogen production by themselves , that it should a international goal, Africa has big Solar energy potential

In his opinion , there should be a cooperation of many different country’s and we should able to transport hydrogen in liquid form using already established pipelines. In my opinion it is interesting evaluation , but I believe more in isle solutions , that hydrogen must be consumed where its produces, but if there a big economic advantage for Germany , well than it makes all sense, but we should not forget how unstable Africa and how fragile transportation can be.
Then there was talk from one young company hydrogenious LOHC TECHNOLOGIES

Talk was from Dr. Daniel Teichmann  founder and chief of HYDROGENIOUS LOHC TECHNOLOGIES GmbH was about real hydrogen based projects, mostly about logistics and transportation of hydrogen.

If you want to get involved into the project as partner just let me know and I will forward his contacts.

Then  Energie Campus Nürnberg there was a onsite facility which I visited together with other visitors there we saw a system for research of efficient liquidation of hydrogen.

I must say I was really impressed , but one thing bothered me why nobody spoke about Stan Meyer “old” technology, anyway they explained us that in order to release a hydrogen from a liquid they use platinum , which can be very expensive if you think about hydrogen transport in larger amounts , but there ongoing research to found another material for that and there some another project with german railroad to build a hybrid hydrogen powered train , still its all in development , but If you a investor i would highly recommend to ask Energie Campus Nuremberg how to get involved in additional funding of such great project, but they don’t look for funding , because Energie Campus Nürnberg financially backed by Bayern state.

In my opinion , they need to found material other then platinum, to make sure , that the hydrogen extraction process less expensive, then its expected to be very disruptive technology, because then you can transport very large amount of hydrogen through Europe and beyond!

Last talk which I have to see , was from Bayern Innovativ GmbH 

I must honestly say I hated the speaker Dr. Guido Weißman

, why you ask?, because his statement was like “I work for government so fu* you!” he didn’t said that directly to me but he did said that he on government payroll , but his presentation was full of criticism of local endeavors of using of green technology, his take home message was: we don’t have energy for all those emobility nonsense , we need to consume less of the energy.

My impression of his talk was like following: the official government of Germany has only in mind the reduction and stable use of energy, nobody in Germany allowed to be power hungry, so they will do all the possible in their might to make sure that less people drive own ecars or have kind of freedom of energy  consumption choice.

Here some example of my "discussion" with him:

I told him what he presented in this talk, do you really believe in that?
His response was : yes!
Then I told him: if the future load will be such big for our German power network, then German government should make sure that in German cities exist a decentralized power networks and there must be tax incentives for creating such networks for the company's who will create such networks!

I asked him about ITER , he didn't have any clue what it is and just ignored my comment about and proceed further with his talk! What a waste of time ;)

His response was like: that it’s not what I am going to discuss here today, write your letter to your legislators in Berlin!
I was really pissed at this speaker, in my opinion his presentation was pretty absurd , I really asked myself where he got his doctor title from , from which German university?

Finally my conclusion and final thoughts, the business and research people 100% behind hydrogen , but the current government german politics really just out of their minds, they claim that they are all behind the energy diversity and reduction of CO2, but people like Dr. Guido Weißmann do provide exact opposite view. He presented quite negative  future where government decide how much energy a citizen allowed to use ,
 such unethical and not moral decisions of government can be only a bad sign for the future, but I believe that as soon as new german government would be elected in 2021 there definitely be a change in the way how we produce and consume energy!

I say future is hydrogen , cold fusion and even more exotic energy sources and there no limits because we don’t know dark matter and how sun really works, german government should have clear goal and funds to finance ideas like energy from the vacuum developed by prof Dr. Wilhelm Claus Turtur Westfalia 

I really believe, inevitably after all problems and crysis we as humanity will probably all experience, than there will be a time where more energy that we can grasp or realize will be found, what we need to do just right now is to believe in better future and support our local companies who do research and development of green and innovative energy solutions!

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