Montag, 4. November 2019

Oracle 1z0-419 is kind of hard and difficult and such great learning experience

Finally i got result from my certification, well i did failed what a surprise!?
So what i have learned?
I say a lot!
Different kind of Java enterprise development, where you not necessary need to code everything, some parts are custom code and like for my taste can be potential problem, because later in can be morphed into legacy code, which yaeks not really manageable.

I really like a lot how the navigation of pages is displayed: 

Such would definitely help during development of Spring based projects. The way how the navigation handled in ADF is great too, but the complexity with scopes feel somehow unbearable and most time overengineered and i think that was where i failed at cert.
The next thing is the ADF faces the view representation which WYSIWYG , but it expects that the user has very strong ui design skills and know a lot of don'ts'.

What about validation, custom business methods, yeah you can do those in ADF, but it gets somehow complex , because you mix the code to ADF stuff and when i do that, i always catch me on strange nasty feeling , that is wrong and just bring problems.
What about ADF security is it secure? YES it use the standard JEE technology and pretty secure, but it can be too overcomplex and in our days of constant change it may become cumbersome and not need complexity.

What about unit testing and maven support?
Yes , YES , yes it works but you need to configure your maven pom , and then create separate project just only for unit tests! One word of caution, it can be quite challenging to write test for Oracle ADF,  because Oracle ADF is monolith by nature and you definitely need a test server for all yours integration tests (you can use Glassfish and or Weblogic).

So whom i would recommend this technology?
Well lets look at license model of Oracle first: you can use the ADF JDeveloper together with Weblogic server for free, but as soon as you go into production and start use this technology for commercial purposes you probably need a ADF source code for debugging the codebase for which you need to acquire the support license from Oracle, without it, it would be really painful and difficult!
I think startups can pass on this technology and use more flexible Spring Boot or Jakarta EE tech stack.
For middle size company it can be interesting and well established technology with a lot of different and useful features , i forgot to mention Oracle ADF can produce nice excel spreadsheets which can be generated from the table view of the generated page.

What is future of Oracle ADF? Well in my honest opinion it still used by many Oracle based product clients, but didnt tested it on newer versions of Java like 9 , 10 or 11. I hope Oracle someday will improve overall development experience, maybe they will use Jakarta for EJB stuff and simplify the scopes, i say more then 3 scopes are enough.

How to prepare for the certs: best be ready to pay in cash for in person training, other stuff on the internet only give you a 50% of passing the tests, believe me i know what i am talking about.

Conclusion: YES I FAILED THE CERT! I admit i suck at passing the tests, but i learned a lot !, Really a lot , almost 2 months straight from 8:00 am till 18:00 with weekends time!

Do i plan to use this technology! I am 100% positive about that, i plan to build my personal freelance website with a lot of different kind of useful features, stay tuned....

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