Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2019

ENCN year conference in Nuremberg!

Hi all!
Once again, I was at the Event of ENCN in Nuremberg, well it was quite interesting and learning all about current state of things in Germany about the use and optimization of infrastructure for using hydrogen and other alternative energy solutions.

One of the talks, which I liked, was about the better building materials for building of houses

presented by Prof Dr. Arno Dentel in his talk he described challenges after the building was completed. 
I always like to see details and not abstract values, especially when it’s all about managing of heat.

Testing new building materials

Building resources

Energy concept

Lesson learned

Then there was another talk by Dr. Thomas Heckel  about voltage monitoring of power lines

Type of current for different appliances:

One of the “longest” talks was by Prof. Rüdiger Eichel

For my taste it was pretty dry, but here some slides:

Price for the using of Power to Gast to Power and Power to Power.

Power to fuel

Power to chemicals

Prof Eichel was like for my taste pretty formal, but it was interesting to see another side of the current state of energy field in Germany.

Last talk which in my opinion motivated me to write this blog, was from Prof. Peter Wasserscheid, which not only spoke about science , but rather his idea was about how to spread idea of cheap clean hydrogen into the masses, common people still believe that hydrogen is  not suitable for day to day usage for driving cars or supply power to home appliances, but in realty there exist a lot of affordable hydrogen based solution , which allow the user to use clean renewable source of energy.
Overall this event was another milestone and i completely support the direction of ENCN towards hydrogen and hydrogen based economy.


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