About Us

 About Orlovsky Consulting GbR

Founded in Nuremberg, Germany 2019 - (Germany, Bavaria).

Orlovsky Consulting GbR a family run business.

Main stockholder of our company is: Alexander Orlovsky

Our core values:

Which services Orlovsky Consulting GbR providing?

IT consultancy: Order services!

  • Software development and quality assurance. (C/C++, Java, C#, Dart, JavaScript (Angular, React, VueJS), VBA, DELPHI, PHP, Python, COBOL and etc.)
  • We provide cloud containerization solutions based on Kubernetes, Docker.
  • Helping clients to understand the requirements of  theirs project or project's.
  • Creating real and honest estimates and solution plans for the implementation of client requirements.
  • Providing high efficient and very productive solutions.
  • 3D design, modelling and game development.
  • Helping startups to build and ship very quality software related products.
  • Creating or maintaining cloud based (cloud vendor independent) solutions.
  • Providing external scrum master or even scrum product owner for client project or projects.
  • Helping unemployed IT professionals to be hired at German companies for permanent positions (software developers, devops, qa testers, internships).
  • Providing salesforce , shopify, squarespace, wix and other codeless or zerocode solutions.
  • Analyzing client security , software vulnerability and cyber threats (websites, apps, devops, cloud)
  • Offering training and workshops in various IT technologies.

Click here for the full list of available workshops and trainings!


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