Freitag, 18. September 2020

Cloud and stuff is not so much valuable as you think!!!!

I as IT professional i love technology and i used daily, but recent my experience with cloud did give me a second thought.

Why we all want to move our data from datacenter to cloud?
Sure cost factor is important, but really we just moving one problem place to another.

The most cloud providers are great, but i see in my projects a repeating problem cost managing , it just not transparent at all !

For reasonably small non commercial website based on java , the cost per month running on kubernetes and docker can be between ca.100 and 200 dollar's per month, this is not sustainable at all! How in the world it possible to run website which can be sustainable, i think the answer is to host own site on own hardware and in own datacenter or server room.

Sure i can establish a cost monitor alert in cloud, but really do we all have time to manage our websites like as we have other important things to do, i would rather pay for hardware maintenance on site and know that my hardware really give actual output, and if hardware fail than its my fault, but data is on site and security is on my behalf, but if done right you partially then go to cloud, but really to be 100 % depend on cloud is not sustainable thing.

Or maybe i just old school and don't use right tools to achieve the needed goal , but currently i say if you move to cloud big infrastructure, then think like what can go wrong and where the big danger exist when you run stuff in cloud, then you would realize that the danger is quite real and not a probabilistic one. Then your start to think, well i can blame cloud provider, sure you can do that , but really its your fault , that you didn't think about it clearly.

So what most business do?
Well they use codeless, and hope that the codeless provider manages all of theirs stuff, i see it critically and say you need to prioritize danger in your projects, if you don't do that , well at some point of your project, i 100% predict that you would run into similar of my problems of over budget and then you wouldn't have a backup plan of own infrastructure, so really think of it!

What backup plan should include?

1. Storage backup onsite

2. Backup of major mission critical apps

3. Make sure, you test the case when you lost connection to the cloud

4. Audit your software for security and optimization, less resource used and less money to pay it's that simple.


as long as i work in IT , i see it the pattern we develop and integrate something new and shiny , only later to throw it away and buy a new cool shiny stuff.

I think in the future we need quite different approach, services should have standards i mean unified API's which allow a painless transition from one cloud provider to another, but lets face it it would never happen , because all cloud providers trying to lock in the enduser and enduser should think first about own infrastructure, which give you as enduser the leverage against most cloud providers.


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