Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2019

On the way to certification 1z0-419 part3

Hi folks, i still prepping for my Oracle exam, ADF is huge, really huge .
What i have done recently i took a participation at Nuremberger Hackathon and created a Prototype for Tradefair Nuremberg Organisation .
It kind of works , but i was only one person who created this prototype during one day straight!

Interesting observation, for this project i didn't used any database, all in memory and of course with a lot of tests for models. 
Did i won hackathon? Oh no i didn't , there was 6 teams one of the finalists used flutter , which is a google ui toolkit and pretty powerful ;)  Actually i liked what they did it, and gives me another direction where i need to develop my skills, pretty cool !

Hackathon is all about getting something working and make sure it solves the challenge,  i used the opportunity to stretch my skills and good very good result at the end.
I love Hackathons, maybe next time i will win ;)
Back to ADF, i see huge advantage using the WYSIWYG principle, the JDeveloper designer tool is advanced but with some limitations, i say Java is still king even in UI , why? 
Because of Java performance,  there no second thoughts to use something else.


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