Montag, 18. November 2019

Building in progress, my Oracle ADF site

Huhu, i almost at my goal, my personal site is in reach , which i build completely myself!

The site would be a central point of my communication with clients, i embed a lot of social networks into it and it will provide a unique selling points.
Another important goal for me is , to have a blogs on different types of topics,
here i already created a wordpress blog , this would basically concentrated on my thoughts on books which i read during my commute or i need to relax from all of those "bloody enterprise" .
My decision for framework for building of personal site was  pretty obvious , i picked the Oracle ADF framework, some folks say it's to old and to heavy for developing own sites, i say it depends, i enjoyed the experience using Jdeveloper, thanks for Oracle and their free stuff.
One thing i must say, Jdeveloper need to be developed further, it's a big platform , but it should be improved, i did catched some nasty bugs during my work on my site, but then i easy recovered from it.
Next decision would be with hosting, where i can cheaply host my site?
Should be Oracle Cloud , Microsoft, Amazon , Google or IBM?
I need to evaluate basically on real performance and how easy it is to deploy my stuff to their network.
Am i done with my site ? I think after some boyscout cleaning and testing i well do start with deployment into cloud, funny thing i was able to implement my site without any database!
Other freelancers, when you see my site you will wish to have such one and i probably will offer you some licensing model, i am still planing how the business modell will work out, but if you interested already, just send me a pm trough linkedin or twitter.......

The future is there and its pretty awesome!

Alexander Orlovsky

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