Freitag, 5. Februar 2021

Work in progress SOE2500 : Player units

 Finally I have some good news about the developing state of my Game SOE 2500   , today I present player units (very rough prototype!).

Here is another example of my previous prototypes!

This is how it would look like conceptually!

If you don’t know what to expect in my game?

Let me give you short description:

core gameplay are the missions, the player would play as ruler (male or female) of human survivalist civilization motivated by the high stakes, struggle and conquest of the land and sea on planet Earth. This game inspired by familiar themes of my favorite games like Alpha Centauri, Civilization, Command and Conquer.
This game I developing in part time and as Indie developer if any studio or publisher is interested , then visit my official company site  and send me a contact request!

Besides all of that, I use Unity3D as my main game engine, the assets which you see here partially from Unity3D store and partially from other 3D modeling online platforms, I have another stockholder of my company which is professional 3D designer and which helps me to do all other 3D stuff like animations and movies.

If you interested into my overall game dev experience with Unity3D ?

Unity3D is interesting 3D engine, it has both visual and scripting part covered and the best thing it use C# which is very , very familiar to Java so if you know Java you can start write code and by happy.

Furthermore Unity3D supports Nunit test
, so this is pretty important to me, because I can write lots of test and cover any behavior of my game objects in Unity.
The asset store is great and the community , online course's and the documentation is very good, so if you consider to try yourself as game developer try Unity first, because many game dev concepts which you will see in Unity exist in other game dev engines.

When I think of my experience of game dev itself in Unity3D I really appreciate the amount of work which Unity3D official developers are doing for improving of theirs engine.
They implement frequent updates of Unity3D engine and you can even ask for support if something fails, in such case you need to describe the steps when and how the crash happens.
My next iteration of my game developing would be creation of a vertical slice of my game and see and “feel” what my game actually is, so stay tuned for further information ;)

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