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2021 - Don't trust SSD manufactures!!! This is Important news of 2021!

Hi folks!
As of today my company changing policies regarding our company data backup plans!

I never believed that i would write this, but this is true and I present my objective opinion about following  issue:

You can’t trust SSD manufactures that your data will be stored in consistent and permanent matter on your SSD!

Way to many times it did happen to me or my employee's, in 4 years this is already a 2nd time where my system SSD on desktop office pc did failed beyond recovery!

(SSD VENDOR DOESN'T MATTER, I used all famous vendors!!!)

Let’s look what a typical SSD offers:

This is obvious and what did happen to me is marked with red color.
The controller interface chip will eventually fail after certain and continuous write and read operations.
The NAND chips would not help if controller broken!!!
Good luck of figuring out how data stored in those chips!

Let's think about what is wrong about SSD sustainable operation usage: there certain amount of read and write operations before only read operation physically available, then SSD should be automatically switched to read only mode allowing SSD user to access the data, which is stored in NAND memory. 

Good that we at Orlovsky Consulting GbR invested good amount of capital for running physical backups on premises.

Now it’s reasonable to make rhetorical question: is SSD a huge step backwards in regards of storage and maintenance of data?


Since 2015 I use lots of non SSD disks, mostly HDD Sata which are running 24/7, they are almost never did fail me!!!!

How this possible you ask, we’ll have a look at HDD diagram:


As I marked with red lines, there only 2 possible breakage points with HDD: disk head or spinning disk.

I assume the HDD disk‘s which I bought were perfectly engineered  for very long running lifetime and the material tiredness did not happen, which is good and more then I and the HDD manufacturer actually planned for. (This is really great!)

You probably say , yeah whatever, you have your backups , why to bother?


What about running business, which impact it, did have on my company?
To recover a 1TB SSD drive it takes almost 10 hours!

 Don’t believe me? 

Have look at the picture from the recovery station.

It takes almost one day (10 hours) to recover 1TB SSD disk!

During this time, you can't do anything, if you not in office or have no other means to access the data!

At my company we value and follow GDPR, this means we can't simply put client data in a public cloud, only one exception when a client gives a special written permission and specify what type of data may be stored in the public cloud, but this happens mostly never.

I hope now you do understand that this is a big issue!

 What is most worrying that already there a shortage of microchips!

The biggest chip manufactures saying, that they can’t meet the demand, only in 2025 in USA there would be a new factory to produce lots and lots of chips, but what will happens in 2022 , 2023 , 2024? 

The slowdown of producing new SSDs and supply limitation of chips, would cause lots of problems for all who depend on SSD disks even so far that it would be very expensive to run a business where data stored in SSD storage.

Probably only in 2025, when new factory start to produce the chips a brief relieve would be possible, but

for example in EU there would be very big Problem , even Germany currently does not building a microchip production factory , the German government planning it , but really the way how politics in Berlin works , I don’t even think that in 2023 the actual building of a microchip factory would happen.

So this is by any means not a small problem I can only imagine, how most biggest cloud providers would solve such problem, because even they would hit hard with SSD supply shortages and then we would see major outages of  “CLOUD”. 

What I and other smaller and middle size businesses will do about?

I recommend following: start to buy those “old” HDDs, they are not fast as SSD, but those “old” HDD really more reliable, then SSD.

The last models of HDD were perfect engineering work both material and on hardware/software sides. Why ? HDD manufactures did solved all problems, as we all know about “grown up” technology.

SUMMARY: from now on we all entering a danger zone, our data is not save, even with HDD it’s a trade off, but we would be safer with old tech , then with new and expensive one!

Till 2025 there is no hope for the market stabilization or improvement as far as it goes.

I even plan to speak with the new German government representatives about this crisis, plans are good, but the implementation it’s even better, here in EU we should not have only one solution, but rather many.
Already German car manufacturers experienced production breakage, because of microchips shortages.

We need to build more those microchip factories in Germany or even in EU it’s a matter of national security, I don’t wish that German nuclear power stations wouldn’t have enough hardware supply, just because that somebody in Berlin make a wish to be 0 debt budget or CO2 conform, it make no sense to me if you can’t run nuclear power plants, then to be 0 debt would not help.

EU is a big union, but Germany must be more on offensive side and motivate own EU member’s to act always when new emergency arrives, sure it’s not easy, but if stay together we would eventually be stronger and our production capabilities would be even better than it was before crisis.

Last note about SSD, this is a must to watch:

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